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Writing for an intranet
We edited and re-wrote all the intranet pages for the learning and development department of a major publishing company.

The project began with a request for what looked like a straightfoward editing and proof-reading task. However, once we began to study the internet pages in-depth, we suggested to the client that the content and navigation of the pages required a great deal of simplification and re-writing.

The result was a more user-fiendly site with clear, easy-to-read content.

Writing for a website
A small, high quality hotel commissioned us to write all the words for their new-look website. We spent time familiarising ourselvs with the client’s aims and the needs of their customers.

We had the challenge of describing the hotel services and rooms in relatively few words while also detailing all the benefits and features on offer. We also had to ensure the words met all the requirements for effective SEO – search engine optimisation – including key words, phrases and synonyms. This meant we had to ensure we fully understood the customer journey through the site.

The hotel business was delighted with the content, which received positive customer feedback – and, most importantly, resulted in plenty of bookings.