Want to improve your report writing? This practical workshop session will help you write reports that get read.  The course will include writing exercises, discussion of common problems and a chance to look at attendees’ own material.

Exact content of report writing courses can be agreed in discussion with the client. Or we can develop bespoke workshops on writing reports and other documents.

Course length:

  • One-day

Sample course content:

  • What makes a good report
  • Who is your report aimed at?
  • Planning your writing: A simple guide
  • Clarity and accuracy: Using plain English
  • Think visual: Simple presentation tips to help you guide your readers
  • Presentation issues including writing summaries, headings and bullet points
  • Common problems and challenge and how to tackle them

How to book your workshop

Please contact us specifying your training needs, your availability and the number of people you would like to attend the workshop.