This is a highly practical session covering the main areas of media law affecting web and print journalists and editors. The course includes a chance for attendees to raise their own current or recent legal issues and questions. It is suitable for those who’ve had no previous media law training and those who would like a refresher.

Course length:

  • One-day

Sample course content:

    • Libel defined
    • Defences to libel in the 2013 Defamation Act (which came into force on January 1st 2014)
    • Common danger areas including similarities and differences in how libel affects print and online publications; plus handling user comments on social media


    • Recent cases and precedents
    • Good practice tips to help you avoid potential difficulties

Copyright law

    • What copyright is designed to protect
    • Common web and print copyright issues
    • Examples and recent cases
    • Tips on what to look out for

Reporting on legal issues (if required)

    • A rough guide to what you can and can’t report when a case is ‘active’
    • Reminder of Contempt of Court issues and libel dangers
    • Anonymity issues in reporting courts

Other core areas of law (if required)

    • Confidentiality law
    • Update on privacy law
    • Using the Freedom of Information Act


    • A chance for attendees to raise questions relating to their own titles and sites


How to book your workshop

Please contact us specifying your business needs, your availability and the number of attendees you would like to attend the workshop.