A fast-paced workshop designed to give you the knowledge and tips you need to ensure you work safely without breaching copyright law. The session includes plenty of real-life examples, discussion on common issues and challenges, and a complete guide to the main points of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act.

Course length:

  • Half-day

Sample course content:

  • Who owns copyright?
  • Copyright in words, images and designs
  • How long does copyright last?
  • When can you use material in which the copyright belongs to someone else?
  • What are the main defences to breach of copyright?
  • The web, social media and copyright: some common misconceptions
  • A quick guide to copyright law for commissioners
  • What are the penalties for breaching copyright law?
  • Protecting and defending your own copyright

How to book your workshop

Please contact us specifying your business needs, your availability and the number of people you would like to attend the workshop.