Posting regular updates to your organisation’s blog is an important way to reinforce your presence on the web and attract new users who may be potential customers. But what makes an engaging and useful blogpost for your organisation? Here is our Absolute Writing guide to the five top elements you need to include for better business blogposts.

Who’s it for? Who are you aiming your blogpost at? Be clear about who your customers or end-users are.

What’s it about? What does your end-user need to know about an issue?  If you can summarise the main topic in a single sentence you have the beginnings of  a simple and effective blogpost.

It doesn’t have to be an advert. Offer your customer some useful advice and tips. Tell them something that will:

  • help them understand more about an issue
  • achieve an aim
  • save money, or
  • help them to do their job more effectively

Helpful information is much more welcome than a hard sell.

Keep it simple. Blogposts don’t have to be very long. A few simple, easy-to-read sentences and tips will be more than enough.

Make it reader-friendly. Break your text into short sections and use simple sentences.  Make it easy on the eye and easy to scan-read.